Seychelles Company Formation

Would you like to start the company formation process in Seychelles? Here’s what you need to know. 

Seychelles company formation includes the International Business Company (IBC) option. You must submit a proposed name along with the appropriate suffix and the translation. Approval can take as little as 30 minutes with the entire registration process completed in as little as two days if all the documentation is in place.

Seychelles company formation

Directors may be of any nationality and reside overseas with only one director and one shareholder required to form the company.

IBC company restrictions extend to non-ownership of property and no engagement in banking or trust activities unless you obtain a specific licence permitting those activities. There is also a separate licensing requirement for any business operating in the insurance or reinsurance sectors.

There is no minimum share capital requirement and the names of the directors and shareholders are entirely private. The Memorandum and Articles of Association are the only documents that go to the public register.

You may maintain a Register of Directors and Register of Shareholders at any local address with the only requirement that the Registrar is informed of the location. The company must also keep basic accounting records.

Seychelles IBCs do not have to submit tax returns, file account information or provide accounting records. However, they must have a registered office and agent are required and the company cannot own local property; nonetheless, the company can lease office space.


  • 100 per cent tax exemption on transactions conducted outside Seychelles

  • No minimum share value requirements

  • High level of corporate confidentiality

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