Nevada Company Formation

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Company formation in Nevada commonly follows the limited liability company structure, although there are other options such as the ‘C’ corporation as well as the ‘S’ corporation format. The ‘S’ corporation format requires that all shareholders and directors be US residents or citizens. The ‘S’ corporation formation can take as little as three days.

nevada company formation

Company directors can also incorporate remotely but must register the names of all directors to the state authorities. You also must have a registered office and agent. 

While there are no corporate taxes in Nevada, you must submit a tax return. Federal taxes do apply; therefore, companies formed in the state are tax liable.

You should obtain an employer identification from the tax authorities and both LLC and ‘S’ corporation structures must file tax returns.

The LLC structure is streamlined and easy to manage and operate. The ‘C’ corporation has more requirements, including keeping minutes of board meetings, making quarterly filings and other statutory requirements, although it does incur fewer taxes.

In Nevada, the director does not have to be a shareholder in the corporation and Nevada law allows for nominee shareholders. Nevada corporations are allowed to issue stock and sell stock in their companies. If the structure is an LLC, one person is entitled to hold all corporate officer positions.

Fees include an initial filing fee, a charge for obtaining a federal tax identification number and annual renewal fees.


  • Zero corporate income tax

  • High level of corporate confidentiality

  • Zero minimum capital requirements

  • No account filing requirements

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