Panama Company Formation

Do you want to start the company formation process in Panama? Discover how you can get started. 

Panama company formation comes with very few regulations. Once you receive approval for the proposed name and submit the Memorandum and Articles of Association, you’ll see your company established in five to seven working days. There are a variety of available suffixes depending on your chosen company structure, and Panama does not have any language restrictions.

A corporation requires three directors, who are not required to have residency. In addition, the corporation also needs one shareholder.

The shareholder does not have to provide personal information and is not recorded. You will need to hire a notary to complete the paperwork, and you must have a registered office in Panama.

Panama company formation

There is no fee for the translation of the Articles of Incorporation, but there is an annual fee for business renewal. Panama also offers a ready-made company option.


  • Corporate and income tax-free business environment

  • Not required to file financial statements

  • High level of corporate confidentiality

  • Not required to hold corporate meetings

  • No share restrictions

  • No exchange controls

  • Low business registration and maintenance fees

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