Nominee Director and Shareholder Services

Europe Emirates Group provides a complete range of nominee director and shareholder services, including: nominee director, secretary, shareholder and manager. 

All our nominees are UAE residents, and we provide services for both local and overseas companies.

Our nominee director and shareholder service is an intermediary ownership and management tool. Nominee persons can be both physical and legal, where a person is appointed as manager, director or shareholder having no discretion over their actions; they can only act following instructions from the beneficial owner.

The provision of the nominee director and shareholder service is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, there is no need for the directors to be in the UAE – or even be citizens of the country – to register a private company with the UAE-based nominee person/ company.

Another benefit of a company formation with a nominee is that the real owner can protect their anonymity, as they are not listed on the official records, providing a high level of personal security.

Guidance on nominee services

Nominees can conceal identity to non-governmental entities only

Nominee services can protect your investment strategy and keep the details of your asset allocation confidential. However, tax evasion and money laundering laws require careful consideration when using nominee services. Nominee services offer some layers of protection against non-governmental entities – such as your competitors, relatives, creditors or even private investigators – but not against governmental authorities.

Nominees are not involved in day-to-day business activities

Nominees are only company directors and shareholders – on paper. Therefore, the real owner is still responsible for day-to-day business activities. It is possible to hide your identity from the authorities, but doing so is not recommended and is illegal.

You can choose to reveal your identity publicly.

A nominee service protects clients during the public inquiry and from “bad” people, such as inquisitive  people and the prying eyes of competitors. However, upon request, you may reveal your real identity. This may be the case when you are, for some reasons, under investigation for questionable business practices, and would like to defend yourself by revealing your identity publicly.

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