Slovakia Company Formation

What does the Slovakia company formation process entail? Here’s a guide to the procedure. 

Slovakia company formation takes the form of an SRO limited liability structure, and the registration process usually takes two working weeks.

You only need one person to initiate the process and shareholders can either be corporate bodies or individuals. The shareholders’ liability depends on the amount of capital they have invested in the entity.

A company can have a maximum of 50 shareholders. If one of the directors or shareholders is not a resident of an EU or OECD country, they will need approval from the authorities. 

Slovakia company formation

The proposed company name needs approval before beginning the registration process. 

The following documents are required upon formation:

  • The full name, address, nationality and date of birth of the director(s), as well as proof of residency through a recent bank statement or utility bill

  • The full names and addresses of shareholders along with proof of residency through a recent utility bill or bank statement

  • A declaration of its primary activity and any holdings

  • A disclosure of how much capital invested and how many shares each shareholder currently holds

  • The Articles of Association

  • Statutes that apply to the company

  • The minutes of the company where the directors were appointed

You must set up a registered office.

Slovakia does not require that corporations contribute to public healthcare or social security from their profits. It offers a low tax rate on profits and allows the separation of private and company assets. Company formation expenses include an initial fee and annual renewal fee.

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