Family Office Services

Our dedicated family office team is on hand to help you identify your goals, offer expert advice and create tailor-made solutions. In essence, Europe Emirates Group can act as your personal family "chief financial officer," saving you time, money and the stresses of dealing with the complexities of financial management.

Your personalised Europe Emirates Group plan covers investments, wealth transfer strategies and performance reporting supported by a comprehensive risk management approach coupled with highly optimised tax mitigation.

We can also maintain a central library of your family documents – accessible at the touch of a button – including wills, trust deeds, real estate titles, investment notes, insurance policies and all financial records.

Europe Emirates Group can provide professional directors to act on client instruction by monitoring and controlling your business's day-to-day activities. In many countries, directors must be "real people"; however, some offshore centres permit corporate directors.

For clients seeking corporate confidentiality, we provide a shareholders' service where we form third-party companies in international jurisdictions with the sole purpose of holding shares on behalf of a client. Our full company management remit also includes providing a third party director as bank account signatory.

To help you protect your wealth and manage your legacy, we provide a wide range of integrated services.

Our services include:

  • Pre-IPO planning

  • Estate planning

  • Business succession

  • Philanthropic giving

  • Succession planning

With many decades of experience under our belt, we know how to make financial tools and structures work for you and your family.

Europe Emirates Group has an extensive international network of partners, so we can help you locate unique opportunities in different countries and help you to comply with local regulations.

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