Yacht Registration

Europe Emirates Group offers yacht registration advice for many key maritime destinations around the world.

We provide a highly personalised service designed to fast-track your yacht registration, based on the following information checklist:

  • Your nationality and country of residence

  • Vessel length and tonnage

  • Existing registration information

  • Historical ownership documentation

  • Private or charter usage definition

  • Vessel tax status

  • Home port/primary country of use and crewing requirements

Europe Emirates Group offers yacht registration services in the following countries:

  • Bermuda

  • The British Virgin Islands

  • Cayman Islands

  • Gibraltar

  • Delaware (US)

  • Dubai (UAE)

  • Seychelles

  •  Jersey and Guernsey (Channel Islands)

  • Hong Kong

  • Isle of Man

  • Malta

  • The Republic of the Marshall Islands

  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  • The United Kingdom

As an authorised yacht registration agent, Europe Emirates Group can take responsibility for final registration and ensure that you complete all documentation and legal matters in compliance with local and international laws.