Ireland Company Formation

The company formation process in Ireland usually takes two to three days. However, the country has specific procedural requirements.

Limited liability companies require two directors, one of which must be a European Economic Area (‘EEA”) resident and will need to provide personal details and photo identification to process the application.

The company must also have a presence in Ireland (a physical office) and not just be a shell company. You may use a residential address for this purpose as per applicability.

Ireland uses the NACE system to classify business activities. You must price the shares in Euros, and while you must have a locally-based secretary, it can be a corporation rather than an individual.

Company formation in Ireland requires that an entity appoint a local secretary who is in charge of all documentation and company accounts. Companies registered in Ireland are required to file an annual return as well as the services provided for the company's stockholders and subscribers. They are similarly charged with carrying out the specifics of the Memorandum and Articles of Association on the company's behalf. Companies are also required to hold annual meetings.

Shares are issued after the Certificate of Incorporation is provided. Statutory records have to be maintained, and an annual renewal fee applies.

Companies may enjoy some tax immunity post-formation.  If profits remain under the amount that applies at the time of the company's formation, the company may be exempted to pay corporate tax for up to three years.

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