Ireland Company Formation FAQs

You can use nominee services in the Ireland company formation process. 

The Irish Residency Visa for Advanced Entrepreneurs offers you residency in Ireland if you qualify as an advanced entrepreneur and have at least €300,000. This pathway will bring you towards an Irish passport in five years. If you can prove you have an Irish parent or grandparent, you can also acquire Irish citizenship. 

Companies registered in Ireland can have all of their shares owned by foreigners.

Ireland only has a 12.5% corporate tax rate, and among the wealth of benefits that establishing a corporate presence in Ireland provides, there is also a 25% tax credit on Research and Development (R&D) projects. Holding companies in Ireland have another set of alluring tax benefits. 

Non-residents can open bank accounts in Ireland. The International Financial Services Centre has an over 30-year history of becoming a hub for some of the world’s premier financial institutions in their European operations and a top servicing centre for hedge funds. 

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