Liechtenstein Company Formation

Company formation in Liechtenstein covers several different formats, including limited liability companies, termed as an AG or GmbH, which does not have shareholders.

The Liechtenstein company formation process takes typically 5 to 7 working days.

A purely limited liability company requires two or more members and has a minimum capital requirement. It also requires one director that may also be a corporation, along with a registered local agent.

The number of shares each member retains determines the liability that they hold. Accordingly, the company must submit annual accounts.

liechtenstein company formation

Once you register the name for an AG company, the next step is to contact the local registrar and other applicable authorities. The entity then forms and registers its Articles of Association and company statutes with the Chamber of Commerce.

Anstalt (a hybrid of a company limited by shares and a foundation) is another option that may hold shares of international companies without a shareholder requirement. However, it does need startup capital and a sole director. This structure is particularly useful for those who want a company to maintain a hold over an asset of interest. These can include patents, copyrights, real estate and royalties.

The other types of corporation option are trusts and foundations. A trust is not a commercial corporation and has no shareholders. Its structure consists of the deeds and operating assets. 

Foundations only need to give a copy of their deed to the authorities, but it doesn’t need to specify what the foundation does. Foundations do not have the right to conduct commercial business unless the business is in line with the purpose of the foundation, and a Board of Trustees handles administrative issues.

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