Poland Company Formation

Want to explore company formation procedures in Poland? Here’s everything you need to know.

Company formation in Poland gets administered using the Sp. z.o.o corporate structure, which is a form of limited liability company that is ideal for small or medium-sized enterprises. The process takes approximately four weeks to complete.

You only need one shareholder and director, and that person can be an individual or corporation from any country or place of residence. You may also appoint nominee shareholders.

You must establish a local registered office, and there is a minimum share capital requirement for Poland company formation.  

Poland company formation

The company name has to be searched and approved with various suffixes available, but the management board may not include corporations. They will issue a unique REGON number to the entity before company registration. Off the shelf companies are also available for purchase in Poland. 

The following documents you must regularly submit following registration are:

  • Monthly tax reports

  • Annual tax filings for the tax office and courts

  • Maintenance of a Register of Shareholders and Register of Directors

The Tax Office provides a VAT number and registration for that number must be completed within 20 days of incorporation with registration and renewal fees apply.

Shareholder information is published initially, but anonymity is declared after that. The company must register with the social security institute in Poland within seven days of becoming operational and also register with the local tax office.

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