Ireland Company Formation Requirements

If you set up a company, it must have a physical office in Ireland but it can be a residential address when applicable. Limited liability companies require two directors, one of which must be a European Economic Area (‘EEA”) resident and will need to provide personal details and photo identification to process the application.

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Company formation in Ireland requires that an entity appoint a local Company Secretary who can be either a corporation or an individual. The Company Secretary is in charge of carrying out the completion of the incorporation documents.  All entities that are registered in Ireland must file an annual return with the Companies Registration Office. 

The requirements for company formation in Ireland are:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Company Seal
  • Payment of annual renewal fee
  • Registered Office Address and Business Address
  • Annual meetings
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Appointment of a Company Secretary in charge of all documentation and company accounts
  • Certificate of Incorporation
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