Europe Emirates Group is an acknowledged leader in the provision of citizenship planning. We are particularly renown for our successful processes in the United Arab Emirates, the Caribbean and West Indies.

Whether it’s a case of personal freedom, business opportunity or long-term security, dual citizenship requires careful forethought and expert advice but is a sound investment in your future.

Invest Internationally

As a client of Europe Emirates Group, we work closely together with you to offer sound legal advice and support every step of the way and have selected several locations that we believe offer the best solution for international investors.


Choice of Citizenship

The locations that we can help you gain citizenship come with zero income, wealth or inheritance taxes.

Every citizenship by investment programme has a minimum amount you have to pay to acquire your passport.

The minimum investment for the Caribbean and South Pacific citizenship by investment programmes we process is $100,000 USD, while EU programmes require a minimum amount of €100,000. 

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