Wyoming Company Formation

Are you interested in Wyoming’s company formation process?

Discover all the benefits and requirements.


Wyoming company formation offers various benefits, including the opportunity to form a limited liability company. You can carry out the process remotely.

An alternative option is a ‘C’ corporation structure, with benefits including easy ownership transferal. Company formation usually takes around seven days.

wyoming company formation

You only need one director to form a company and one shareholder. The state is also wholly free of business licence requirements, and shareholder names are kept private. Companies can decide their shareholder and director meetings without any state requirements.  

Wyoming charges a company formation fee (and annual renewal fee) after name approval and the submission of registration forms. You file the Articles of Association with the Secretary of State in Wyoming, and upon receiving approval, the company obtains its certificate of incorporation.

An employer identification number is required, and the company will need to maintain its Shareholder Register and Director Register.

You must have a locally registered office and agent.


  • Zero minimum capital requirement

  • Owners/shareholders do not have to be US citizens

  • No financial statement/accounts filing requirement

  • Complete company confidentiality

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