Sweden Company Formation

What do you need to carry out company formation in Sweden? Find out about the requirements to set up your entity. 

Company formation in Sweden begins with the submission of the proposed company name to the Swedish Companies Registration Office, after which a registration number is issued. Formation takes two to three working weeks if all requirements are met. 

You only need one director and one shareholder to establish a company. However, at least one of the directors must be a local resident of Sweden.

There are no restrictions on other directors and shareholders. Sweden has minimum requirements for share capital. 

sweden company formation

Directors must establish their identities with the authorities through approved photo identification, as well as residential address proof with a bank statement or utility bill at least three months old.

You must appoint a company auditor with personal information relevant to the shareholders and the auditor submitted to the authorities. You do not need an auditor is not required if the company has fewer than three employees. 

The following documents to present to the Company Registration are: 

  • The Articles of Association

  • Statutes that apply to the company

  •  The minutes of the meeting appointing the company’s first directors

The next step is the issuance of a Certificate of Incorporation. A registered office is required to be

maintained in-country supported by a registered agent, as well as the maintenance of administrative services. You must have a resident director to serve legal documents and open up the company bank account.

You must pay annual fees and maintain a Register of Directors and Register of Shareholders at the official address. You will also need to file yearly documents to satisfy government requirements.


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