Bahamas Company Formation

Are you interested in forming a company in the Bahamas?

Find out all about the process here.

Forming an International Business Company (IBC) in the Bahamas takes approximately three days to complete.

The country offers numerous tax benefits including a 20-year exemption on capital gains, transaction tax, inheritance and income tax.

bahamas company formation

Bahamian law requires that there be only one company director and it can either be a corporation or individual from any country. Company meetings do not necessarily have to take place in the Bahamas, and the country also allows unrestricted foreign currency transactions.

The documents required to form an IBC are:

  • The name of the director

  • Their date of birth

  • Nationality

  • Current address

  • Designated company name with liability status suffix

  • Full names/addresses of any shareholders

Existing company names or those that could be misrepresented as a government entity are not permitted. This should be supported by official photo identification along with utility bills and/or bank statements that are at least 3 months old as proof of residential address.

A local office is not a prerequisite for Bahamas company formation, and you may service legal requirements through the Europe Emirates Group associate office.



  • Fast track company formation

  • Full corporate ownership

  • Zero death, inheritance or capital gains taxes

  • Zero capital requirement for share issuance

  • No filing of annual returns or accounts required for company formation

  • All nationalities may form a company in the Bahamas

  • Non-taxable transactions may be conducted outside Bahamian jurisdiction

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