Legal Address Prepaid Mobile Communications Services

Europe Emirates Group can facilitate legal address and prepaid mobile communication services for our clients.

This service package includes a virtual office, which gives you all the benefits you want from a physical office space without the high upkeep costs from having to maintain it. Along with the virtual office, this service includes a full suite of corporate services you need to carry out all your operations.

Legal Address and Prepaid Mobile Communications Services: Standard Plus Package

  • Our on-site reception will answer incoming client phone calls Sunday through Thursday from 8:30-17:30 with weekend voicemail service

  • Incoming client phone calls answered by our on-site reception team

  • Our on-site reception team will answer incoming client calls during business hours with a company name and greeting

  • Our clients can hire a dedicated phone number 

  • Our clients can choose to have phone calls forwarded to a preferred mobile or landline, or for postal to an address of their choice

  • Our clients can have incoming faxes scanned, with PDF versions forwarded and the originals filed on-site 

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