Letter of Wishes

Are you interested in preparing a letter of wishes as a supplement to your will? Europe Emirates Group offers this service, and can also safeguard this document at our Professional Custody Centre.

A letter of wishes is a confidential document that can be written to supplement a will. While the contents of a will are legally binding, the contents of a letter of wishes are not. However, a letter of wishes can still be useful in the following particular circumstances:

  • When considering who should inherit personal belongings, as it can be cumbersome to list all items individually in the will.

  • When requesting a trusted individual to specifically distribute and/or receive specific items per the will.

  • When dispensing everyday possessions.

  • To be used as a supporting document to specific requests that may occur after finalising the will in case there is a change of heart regarding the inheritance of particular items without having to amend the will.

Letter of Wishes Custody Services

Europe Emirates Group can arrange for your Letter of Wishes to be safeguarded at our Professional Custody Centre.

Our professional custody services ensure that your documents are:

  • Safe from tampering

  • Physically protected from fire and floods

  • Protected from theft

  • Protected from wilful destruction

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