Refer us and get rewarded

Our referral system rewards those who introduce business to Europe Emirates Group. If you know someone wishing to embark on their entrepreneurial journey in the UAE, refer them to us and get AED 1,500 for each successful referral.

How it Works:

  • Fill in the referral form.
  • We will get in touch directly with the person you referred. to inquire further. 
  • If the referral is successful, your referral sets up a Company in any UAE Free Zone, we will get in touch with you after the Company setup process is complete. 
  • Once their company setup process is complete, our team will get in touch with you for the referral fee payment.


Terms & Conditions 

  • If the person being referred to us has inquired about a license in the past or is an existing client, the referral fee will not be applicable.
  • Referral fee will only be paid for new business setups and not renewals.
  • Any Referrals made in retrospect are not deemed payable if the correct and approved channels have not been used as a method of Referral in the past.