Compliance (FATCA/CRS)

Compliance is paramount for any international business. Any slippage in your company’s compliance could result in hefty fines and reputational damage.

There are two compliance measures, FATCA and CRS, that could have a significant impact on your operations, and you will want to ensure you fulfil the obligations stipulated in those regulations.

The US Congress passed FATCA in 2010 and requires foreign financial institutions to report information about financial accounts.

It is for accounts that US taxpayers hold abroad or financial accounts that foreign entities hold and US taxpayers have a substantial ownership stake to the United States International Revenue Service (IRS).

Compliance FATCA

The Common Reporting Standards (CRS) establishes the financial information that OECD countries have to report and automatically exchange across their entities. The OECD approved the measure in 2014 following a request from the G20. 

Europe Emirates Group is here to lend a hand with FATCA and CRS compliance status administration to ensure your business is always above board. We handle everything from meeting anti-money laundering requirements to managing complicated corporate structure compliance.

Our team comprises of experienced managers who have a complete understanding of international legislative environments, as well as a member of senior management.

We will respond to all your queries quickly and confidentially.

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