Austria Company Formation

Are you looking into the steps to company formation in Austria?

Citizens from any country can form a company in Austria under the Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH- a limited liability corporation) format with the process taking around 14 working days upon receipt of all necessary documents.

There must be one shareholder, but the director of the company may also perform this role. However, shareholders do not have to be Austrian residents, as an Austrian GmbH can have corporate shareholders. In addition, the company must also have a registered office.

The person or people forming the company are required to provide photo identification and proof of residency along with company information such as the name of the director, address, date of birth and nationality.

You must also provide the names and addresses of the company’s shareholders for the company, as well as a proof of address for the corporation in the form of a utility or bank statement no more than three months old.  

You must also provide a history of the company before its establishment in Austria and a description of its activities. Following this, you will have to prepare a NEUFO and then hire a notary public to draft the Establishment documents. 

The documents required for setting up an Austrian GmbH are:

  • The notarised declaration of the company’s establishment

  • Bank declarations confirming that the company has made the required minimum cash deposits

  • The Articles of Association

  • Signatures from the managing directors documenting the payment of the company formation tax, along with confirmation from the tax authorities

The next step is the trade licence issuance with the information sent to the tax authority. 

The tax authority requires:

  • An opening balance sheet

  • An ID for the managing director

  • Signatures of company representatives

  • The Articles of Association

  • An excerpt from the companies register

Once completed, the information is given to the relevant municipality.

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