British Virgin Islands Company Formation

Are you exploring company formation options in the British Virgin Islands? Here are your options. 

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) offers an International Business Company (IBC) option for company formation and charges reasonable fees with a fast-track approval process that takes two to three days on average.

You may form corporations with only one director and one shareholder, who can be one and the same, and companies can also fall under corporate ownership and shareholders.

You must start the process by submitting the proposed company name along with the name of the director(s) and their birthdate, address and nationality. You must also submit the full name and address for shareholders.

You may also appoint nominee shareholders. There are no nationality requirements nor do names appear on the public record. A director does not need to be a resident.

BVI company formation

You can prove identity and nationality with photo identification along with copies of a utility bill or bank statement copies no more than three months old as proof of address. The Registry of Corporate Affairs keeps all business-related documents information (registered office address, name of registered agent and company name) only.

Businesses operating in the British Virgin Islands must have a physical address that you can service through the Emirates Europe Group associate office.

There are no requirements for the filing of financial statements and all income generated outside of BVI territory is tax-exempt. The BVI government also offers foreign language services.


  • No minimum share capital requirement

  • No annual report filing requirement

  • No foreign capital restrictions 

  • No currency restrictions

  • Tax-free rent, dividends, royalties, interests or other forms of compensation

  • Affordable incorporation fees

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