Personal Banking

Are you interested in personal banking services in any of the jurisdictions where we operate? Europe Emirates Group can guide you through the process to choose the account that best meets your financial goals. 

How to open a personal or non-resident bank account in Dubai

A personal bank account in Dubai refers to an account used for non-business purposes.

Most Dubai banks will only allow non-residents to open savings accounts as opposed to current accounts.

Non-residents will not receive cheque books; however, non-residents will be given a debit card to withdraw money. Non-residents may also be subject to minimum or maximum balances.


The requirements for opening a non-resident personal bank account in Dubai are:

  • Original bank reference letter from the personal/company bank account of the applicant from the country of origin or anywhere in the world

  • An original copy of the last six-month personal bank statements from the country of origin or anywhere in the world

  • Most banks in Dubai and the UAE require $100,000 as a monthly average balance for non-residents

  • Presence of the applicant is mandatory across the UAE

  • Passport copy with UAE entry page

  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV)

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