Starting a Business in UAE

Starting a business in the UAE can take several different forms and varies according to the emirate you choose to establish your activities. 

Why is starting a company in the UAE a smart decision? While the UAE federal government oversees setting up a business in the UAE as a whole, each of the seven individual emirates has separate laws and regulations concerning company incorporation and financial oversight. 

Regardless of the emirate, most businesses in the UAE do not pay direct taxes on corporate profits or personal income and customs duties stand at five per cent with many exemptions.

There are also no foreign exchange controls, trade quotas and the UAE dirham is pegged to the US dollar, ensuring a stable exchange rate.

Starting a business UAE

In addition, the UAE offers highly competitive costs in other vital areas that are critical to starting a company, such as import duties, labour, energy, and financing.

The UAE is also privy to an extensive foreign trade network, giving investors access to global marketing outlets for their goods and services. It is also a major re-export hub for the region that gives it a privileged location for firms in those fields.

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