Italy Company Formation

Formation requirements are related to share capital, and you must deposit the required percentage into an Italian bank. You must pay the share capital in full if an individual is the sole shareholder of the Italian company.

Italy requires only one director of any nationality, but that person must be an EU passport-holder for company formation, and that person must obtain a fiscal number.

Only one shareholder is required to form the Srl, but two are preferred as companies with a single shareholder have unlimited liability. The shareholder may also be a corporation.

italy company formation

The documents required at incorporation are:

  • A business plan that includes the specification of the number of sales they expect to make in the first years of business, the value of share capital divided between shareholders and the jurisdictions in which the company will operate; 

  • A comprehensive description of business intent;

  • They must specify whether or not it will hire employees within Italy or not; and 

  • The full names, addresses, dates of birth and nationality of directors along with proof of photo identification. 

Any company that wants to form in Italy has to open a bank account, and some banks will not permit deposits not made in person. If the company is an SME, as defined by EU directives, it may not require auditing. Otherwise, any audited accounts must present annual filings.

You must file your registration with the Register of Enterprises within 30 days of official incorporation. The fiscal code provides the number used for taxes and other identification purposes. Once the company receives registration confirmation, it may begin doing business in Italy.

In addition to annual renewal fees and annual filings, other fees include but are not limited to obtaining the entity’s VAT registration number, maintaining statutory records and keeping a shareholder and directory register. These requirements are stipulated under Italian legislation and the corporation must retain and maintain them.  

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