Panama Company Formation Requirements

What are the Panama company formation requirements? A corporation requires three directors, who are not required to have residency. In addition, the corporation also needs one shareholder. You must include any of the following suffixes in your company name: S.A. (Sociedad Anónima), a Spanish-language equivalent of Corporation, Incorporated, Inc., Corporation or Corp. 

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The shareholder does not have to provide personal information and is not recorded. You will need to hire a notary to complete the paperwork, and you must have a registered office in Panama.
There is no fee for the translation of the Articles of Incorporation, but there is an annual fee for business renewal. Panama also offers a ready-made company option.

The documents you need to meet Panama company formation requirements are:

  • Articles of Incorporation that the two subscribers present to the Public Registry
  • Names of the Directors
  • Name of the Panama Registered Agent
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