Panama Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Panama? With ready-made company options along with the standard company formation options, Panama is one of the premier international business jurisdictions in Latin America. It’s also one of the jurisdictions where an offshore company can also operate on the mainland, giving you the opportunity to operate both in Panama and abroad under the same entity. 

What are the other benefits of Panama company formation?

Did you know that offshore companies incorporated in Panamas can own assets such as real estate anywhere in the world or act as holding companies? That gives you flexibility along with the power to carry out business activities inside Panama as well as abroad while enjoying the favourable tax regime. The country also has the Colon Free Trade Zone along the Panama Canal, offering a crucial channel for trade in the Western Hemisphere.  

panama company formation benefits

Some of the other benefits of Panama company formation are:

  • Corporate and income tax-free business environment
  • Not required to file financial statements
  • High level of corporate confidentiality
  • Not required to hold corporate meetings
  • No share restrictions
  • No exchange controls
  • Low business registration and maintenance fees
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