Netherlands Company Formation Requirements

What are the company formation requirements in The Netherlands?  You must have a local office and register your company with a notary prior to official incorporation, as well as join the Chamber of Commerce to gain a commercial register number. You need one director and one shareholder. The Ministry of Justice also issues a No Objection Declaration as part of the company formation process.  

What are the other company formation requirements for the Netherlands? 

You must obtain a tax number but it may take six weeks to process. You register at the tax authority office corresponding to your registered corporate address. You must then maintain statutory records, a shareholder register, a director register and other compulsory documentation. Renewal fees apply as well as fees for the initial registration and other requirements.

Once the proposed company name is approved, the Netherlands company formation requirements dictate you must present the following documentation: 

  • Shareholder and director information with corroborating photo identification 
  • Passed background check for shareholders and directors
  • Notarised documents that are submitted to the Ministry of Justice and then registered with the Trade Registry if the shareholder is a corporation
  • Proof of residency for shareholders and directors
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