The Netherlands Company Formation FAQs

The Netherlands permits the use of nominee directors and shareholders for your entity. The company’s directors can be corporations if you desire. 

If you are not an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen that has the automatic right to live anywhere in the EU and are looking to create a startup in an innovative business environment, you can apply for a one-year Dutch Startup Visa to make your idea take off. You will have to work with a facilitator as a condition for receiving the visa and in most cases, the facilitator will apply for the visa on your behalf. If you’re a citizen of the United States, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Japan or New Zealand, you can apply directly for your visa to the IND, or the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service. For entrepreneurs from outside the countries with EU freedom of movement permissions, there is a Self Employment visa scheme you can explore. You will be scored under three criteria: personal experience, added value your venture will bring the Netherlands and your business plan. You need at least 90 points in each part to reach the minimum 300 points to receive the visa. There are also two treaties, The Dutch American Friendship Treaty and the Japanese Trade Treaty that may change the requirements for this scheme. Another exception to the normal process is for Turkish citizens. 

Foreigners can own the entirety of a Dutch company but it’s worth noting that if your presence in The Netherlands is minimal, they recommend you hold your annual shareholders’ meeting inside the Netherlands to create some economic substance. Another point to note is that the majority of your company’s directors must be residents of the European Union.  

The Netherlands has one of Europe’s lowest corporate tax rates. As the country with the most double-taxation treaties in the world (it even has one with the United States), you have a wealth of chances of minimising your tax burden.  The Netherlands does not have withholding taxes either.

The Netherlands is one of the largest offshore destinations in the world, and is one of the world’s leading countries that serve as conduits to other offshore countries. If you’re looking for an offshore banking option in a safe jurisdiction, The Netherlands meets that criteria with deposit insurance of up to €100,000 and some of the most coveted offshore banks having a presence in the country. The Netherlands offers extra flexibility for financing for foreign investors, making offshore banking there appealing. 

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