Belgium Company Formation FAQs

There are no nominee director or shareholder restrictions for Belgium limited liability companies. 

You can obtain residency in Belgium either by forming a small business and hiring an employee or showing that you have the funds to support yourself, which is generally around €1 million. You can then apply for Belgian citizenship after living there for five years, and since Belgium permits dual nationality, you only have to be there for a few months out of the year to satisfy residency requirements.

Foreign ownership is permitted for companies domiciled in Belgium. Belgian law does not treat companies owned by foreigners differently to those owned by Belgian citizens, offering full equality under the law. 

Belgium uses a profit-based method for taxing corporations. The country offers tax incentives for entrepreneurs looking to set up there. Since the state is decentralised, the incentives and grants on offer depend on the region in which you are looking to incorporate. You can also repatriate your profits if you’re a citizen of a country with a double-taxation agreement with Belgium. 

All companies in Belgium must have a corporate bank account. Some banks let foreigners open up their accounts remotely before travelling to Belgium. Also, note that some banks will work with foreigners while others will request that you present your residency permit once you receive it. The corporate bank account in Belgium is crucial to deposit your minimum share capital.

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