Belgium Company Formation Requirements

As part of the company formation requirements in Belgium, you will need prior approval for the name of your enterprise. The process also requires a director who may be from anywhere in the world and may not need to reside in Belgium.

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Along with the director(s), you must also submit the names of the shareholders along with their addresses, proof of nationality, date of birth and photo identification. The director can be a corporation, and the company’s director (a natural person) can also be the sole shareholder. There is a share capital requirement with the minimum amount to deposit varying and stock sale limitations. 


belgium company formation

The requirements for Belgium company formation are: 

  • Bank statements or utility bills no more than three months old
  • High school diploma of the director as  qualifications are scrutinised as part of the process
  • Business plan
  • A detailed financial plan that discloses how the company plans to carry out its accounting processes
  • Financial information for the two years before filing including how the company will sustain itself
  • Registered address
  • Report on capital investment in the firm
  • Deed of incorporation to register with the Register of Legal Persons
  • VAT registration and subsequent registration with the Office of Social Security
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