Belgium Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Belgium? Belgium is one of the EU member states that offer tax incentives to foreigners looking to establish an entity in Belgium. The taxes you pay are based on your net income. Since Belgium company formation is by province, you can access a wealth of government benefits such as grants and tax incentives depending on the province you select.

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If you are a resident of one of the 80 countries with which Belgium has a double-taxation treaty, you can repatriate profits. Residents of one of these countries are also exempt from the dividend withholding tax. Finally, there are no distinctions in Belgian corporate law between entities owned by Belgians and those owned by foreigners. Having its home in the EU makes it a hub for the economic bloc. 


The benefits of company formation in Belgium are:

  • Incentives for foreign investors looking to set up a company in Belgium
  • Local incentives and tax benefits depending on the region where you register your entity
  • Net income-based corporate taxation for all entities
  • Profit repatriation for residents of a country that has a double-taxation agreement with Belgium
  • A “residence by investment” programme is available for investors and entrepreneurs
  • Robust transportation infrastructure, making it an ideal hub for entities looking to trade with the rest of the EU
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