Offshore Company Formation FAQs

Many offshore jurisdictions permit Nominee Directors and Nominee Shareholders to offer an extra level of discretion. Explore any of the company formation benefits pages to find out if the jurisdiction of interest permits this option.

Some offshore jurisdictions facilitate residency schemes if you set up an enterprise. Examples include the Singapore Global Investor Programme (GIP). The Europe Emirates Group team will guide you through possible residency options as part of our suite of company formation services. 

The resident ownership requirements depend on the jurisdiction. You should check the company formation requirements for the country of interest. 

Offshore bank accounts offer customers the flexibility of a single bank account when travelling to multiple locations around the world, especially for expatriates. It can also provide flexibility if you are from a country that is prone to fluctuations in its currency and economy. 

The requirements for opening a bank account in an offshore bank depends on the jurisdiction and financial institution. Since an offshore bank account means an account that you hold in a country where you do not have residency, the conditions will be distinct depending on the bank and country of your choice. Citizens of some countries may not be able to open offshore bank accounts, so it’s crucial that you do your homework. 

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