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    UAE Offshore


    Europe Emirates Group can help you start your business in UAE Offshore

    Setting up an offshore company from the UAE is a popular choice for businesses looking to secure presence in the region.


    UAE Offshore

     Benefits of setting up an offshore company

    • Operational freedom
    • 100 percent foreign ownership
    • Double taxation avoidance agreement
    • Option to purchase real estate in approved areas
    • Low set-up costs/minimal capital requirement
    • Complete confidentiality

    An offshore entity can be structured in several ways: as an international business corporation; offshore limited liability company; trust or offshore foundation. Each entity comes with its own legal framework.
    By law, the incorporation process must be executed through a registered UAE-based agent. Europe Emirates Group is an expert in offshore company formation and can guide you through the multi-step process and provide post set-up support.


    UAE offshore company advantages

    UAE offshore companies can serve many business purposes, including:

    • Traditional commercial entities
    • Ownership of overseas financial and real estate assets
    • Inheritance planning
    • Holding company formation
    • Special purpose vehicles
    • Ship registration
    • Tax optimisation

    The advantages of setting up companies in the UAE are numerous. Most businesses do not pay direct taxes on corporate profits or personal income and customs duties stand at four per cent, with many exemptions. What’s more, there are no foreign exchange controls, trade quotas and the dollar is pegged to the UAE dirham.


    Costs in other key areas such as import duties, labour, energy, and financing are also highly competitive. The UAE is privy to an extensive foreign trade network, giving investors access to global marketing outlets for their goods and services. Dubai is also a major re-export hub for the region.

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