We are Now an Eligible Introducer of ABC Banking Corporation

We are delighted to announce that Europe Emirates Group is now an eligible introducer for business of the ABC Banking Corporation in Mauritius. If you are looking for an offshore banking option, whether for commercial or personal purposes, our partnership with the ABC Banking Corporation can offer you benefits.  

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What is the ABC Banking Corporation?

The ABC Banking Corporation is the newest division of the Mauritius-based ABC Group, one of the island’s most significant business conglomerates. It is a full-service commercial bank in Mauritius offering services to both businesses and individuals, including international banking and treasury operations, along with standard domestic banking services. The ABC Group also has a financial services division that deals with wealth management, capital markets, and other similar products. 


What does it mean to be an ABC Banking Corporation Eligible Introducer?

The ABC Banking Corporation only accepts bank account applications coming from Eligible Introducers, which are corporate service providers and offshore management companies. If you want the bank to review your application to open an account, it must go through one of these Eligible Introducers. 

The Eligible Introducer will receive notification of the application status. Should there be any missing documents, the Eligible Introducer will be responsible for submitting whatever remaining documents the bank deems necessary for that particular case. The bank introducer has three weeks to provide the missing paperwork, and if not, the application is declared void and the applicant would start the process again.


What are the benefits of opening an account with ABC Banking Corporation?

If all your documents are in order, you can have your account opened in as little as 48 hours. The minimum deposit requirement for this account is 5,000 US dollars or the equivalent in the currency you choose, which you must make within a month of opening an account. The account supports major currencies, including British pounds, Australian dollars, Euros, Swiss francs, Hong Kong dollars, Singaporean dollars, Japanese yen and more. If you need an account in a foreign currency, you will not be charged any extra amount. As for other fees, there are no maintenance fees (except for accounts in Swiss francs), statement fees, nor monthly or annual fees. 


Would you like to open an account with ABC Banking Corporation?

UK citizens are eligible to open an account with ABC Banking corporation. If you’re from another country, or if you would like more details about the offshore bank account process, our offshore banking experts at Europe Emirates Group will be glad to walk you through the process. As a bank introducer with ABC Banking Corporation, we will ensure you can begin banking beyond borders with ease. Begin your process today. 


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Darrach Campbell ACSI
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