Dubai Silicon Oasis

The Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is one of the most sought after free zones in the UAE; this area, known for its technology and innovation, combines living and work in a bustling community. Full of everything you could ever want, this 7.2 million square-metre community has recreational, commercial, residential and business areas, creating a place you’ll never want to leave. 

Incorporated in 2004 by the Government of Dubai, this community is a large technology park, where innovative and technology-focused companies in Dubai Silicon Oasis seek to expand their business, create modern technology and contribute to the world’s research and development in many industries. The following six areas make up the DSO space:

  • Large companies

  • Start-ups and medium-sized companies

  • Universities

  • Venture capitalist funds

  • Incubation centre

  • Government & business services 

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Registering your Company in Dubai Silicon Oasis

The Dubai Silicon Oasis company list is vast, with nearly 5,000 active businesses. There are three types of companies that can be registered in DSO: branch, free zone establishment and free zone company.

  • Branch: the branch of the parent company established in DSO should carry out the same business operations as the parent company.

  • Free Zone Establishment: this type of company has just one shareholder.

  • Free Zone Company: this company has a minimum of two shareholders.

Once you have determined the type of company that applies to you, decide which of the following operating licences best fits with your business model:

  • Service Licence: companies with a service licence are only allowed to practise this specific service.

  • Trade Licence: companies with this licence can import, export and distribute goods and services.

  • Industrial Licence: companies with an industrial licence can import, manufacture, process, assemble, package and export products and raw materials .

  • Special Licences: as part of its dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship, DSO offers special licences for businesses that fall outside the aforementioned specialisations.

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Why Should You Choose Dubai Silicon Oasis?

With an application process that takes just seven working days, your company can be up and running fast in the region’s most technology-forward area. A quick start is not the only benefit that awaits you; Dubai Silicon Oasis boasts many of the same advantages as other free zones such as no income tax, no corporate tax, 100% foreign ownership and no import or export taxes, but it also provides considerable advantages to technology-focused companies.

Benefits of Dubai Silicon Oasis

  • Straightforward regulations that lead to a hassle-free company formation in DSO.

  • Tier 3 data centre available, along with a large number of highly-qualified technical and engineering personnel. 

  • Business support exclusive to free zone members. 

  • First class facilities.

At Europe Emirates Group, we’re here to help you get started as soon as possible. We can help with the Dubai Silicon Oasis visa process, company registration steps and anything else you need to start reaping the benefits of this free zone. Contact us today for a consultation. 

Written by

Adrian Oton

CEO, Europe Emirates Group 

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