RAK ICC Free Zone

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Located in the northernmost corner of the UAE 60 minutes away from Dubai International Airport by car, the RAK ICC (Ras Al-Khaimah Commercial Centre), formerly known as RAK Free Trade Zone and RAKIA, is a dynamic force on the UAE free zone scene.

RAK ICC was created in 2015 as a result of  Emiri Decree No.12 of 2015. The merger of these two registries aims to bring both types of entities, the RAK IBC and RAK Offshore (in operation since 2006), under the same regulatory umbrella in light of the surge in the company formation industry in both RAK and the UAE. 

RAK ICC currently has over 30,000 registered corporations with shareholders hailing from 160 countries with the most widely-represented countries being India (12%), the United Kingdom (9%) and the United Arab Emirates (7%). 


You must form a RAKICC Free Zone international business corporation, or IBC, through a licensed agent. 

Our team at Europe Emirates Group, as RAKICC licensed agents, can expertly guide you through the RAK ICC Free Zone company formation process up to calculating the cost. 

Activities and Licences

  • Industrial: This licence cover manufacturing, processing, assembly, packaging, etc. 

  • Trading: This licence covers imports, exports, warehousing, trading and distribution activities.

  • General Trading: This licence applies to all classes of trading, imports and exports, distribution of goods and warehousing. 

  • Commercial: This licence is for activities in contracting, repairs, renting, restaurants, maintenance, shops, etc.

  • Consulting/Service: This licence class is for any management, industrial consulting or professional services or business consulting services such as real estate consultancy. 

  • Media: This licence is for all classes of communications and media services. 

Types of legal entities

  • Company Limited by Shares: The liability of shareholders in this entity is limited to the amount of capital they have invested. 

  • Company Limited by Guarantee: This entity is an incorporated firm without share capital. It instead has members that act as guarantors and will contribute if the company is wound up.

  • Restricted Purposes Company: This type of corporate entity is intended to act as a special purpose vehicle. 

  • Segregated Portfolio Company: This entity segregates the classes of liabilities and assets from each other. It’s also known as a protected cell company. 

  • Unlimited Company: An unlimited company means that the members or shareholders are exposed to the company’s losses based on obligations to the entity. 


  • 100 per cent foreign ownership

  • Zero taxation 

  • No minimum capital requirement and no need to file financial accounts

  • No capital repatriation restrictions 

  • No shareholder limits

  • No physical office requirement 

  • One day incorporation process 

  • No attestation required for corporate documents

  • Ability to migrate or continue existing corporate entities from other jurisdictions

  • Operate under Common Law legislation with access to DIFC and ADGM courts 

  • The US dollar is freely available

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