IFZA Free Zone

Set up your entity in the IFZA with help from Europe Emirates Group
The International Free Zone Authority, or IFZA, is situated on the east coast of the UAE. Fujairah is the country’s only access point to the Indian Ocean along the Gulf of Oman. This Free Zone specialises in company formation for small and medium-sized entities. They also offer multi-purpose company licences, and a wealth of value-added services including processing residency visas. The IFZA Fujairah Free Zone is attractive for its cost-effective solutions and the fact that it is the fastest-growing zone in the UAE. 

Free Zone Licence Classes

Consultancy: Licence covering consulting services across all sectors.

Service: Licence encompassing service production, transformation, reproduction and distribution.

Trading: Licence for storing, importing and exporting and distributing the items stipulated on the licence. 

General Trading: Licence granting the licensee the ability to trade any commodity inside Emirati territory as well as a wider scope of activities. 

Holding: Covers any holding company activities such as holding other entities’ shares or assets.

IFZA Free Zone

IFZA Free Zone Company Benefits

  • Every IFZA company has the limited liability corporation (Free Zone) format
  • Residency visa(s) attached to the company licence have three years validity
  • Every company has a Dedicated Experience Manager to cater to your enterprise needs
  • All rejected trade licence cases will be eligible for an 80% refund 
  • You can upgrade and downgrade your licence at any time 
  • If you choose to amend your licence when renewing your company, those amendments are for free
  • One of the most cost-effective Free Zones in the UAE
  • More than 1,000 activity licences available  
  • Fast, efficient company formation process
  • No office space requirement
  • No need for paid-up share capital
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