DIFC Free Zone

DIFC Company Formation at the hands of Europe Emirates Group 

Launched in 2004, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) continues to attract high-calibre firms from across the globe. It houses corporations from the banking services, capital markets, asset management and fund registration sectors, as well as hosting insurance and reinsurance firms, Islamic financial entities, and professional services firms. 

DIFC was ranked the eighth most-prestigious financial centre in the world, making it an ideal place to set up your entity, especially if you operate in the financial services industry.

DIFC Activities and Licences

  • Non-regulated licences: These licences cover anything not related to banking and finance. Non-financial activities also extend to specialised establishments such as hotels and academic institutions.

  • Regulated licences: These licences encompass banking and finance-related business activities that are supported by an enabling and evolving financial regulatory body known as Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”). 


  • 100 per cent foreign ownership

  • Zero tax on income and profits

  • Access to an extensive tax treaty network for UAE-incorporated entities

  • Freedom to repatriate capital and profits without restrictions

  • Internationally-accepted legal and regulatory processes

  • A dollar-denominated environment

  • A wholly transparent operating environment compliant with global best practices

  • Access to DIFC courts, which are subject to English law as well as DIFC wills

  • A world-class, independent regulatory agency working alongside other major global financial regulatory agencies

  • Home to the NASDAQ Dubai international stock exchange with primary and secondary listings of debt and equity instruments

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