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Relocating To Monaco

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Moving to or Emigrating to Monaco can be as easy or as complicated as you make it. You are not required to have relocation assistance but most people do. The following is a guide to the steps which need to be followed. Please contact for me for assistance with this process. We will be pleased to assist you and or your family or partner with this important event.
Relocating To Monaco

Relocating Monaco


The applicant needs to open a bank account with a bank in Monaco. Depending on the bank they will ask for a minimum initial deposit of € 500,000- € 1million (or more) We can assist with the bank introductions. Once the Monaco bank account is open (10-15 working days) and funded, the bank will, on request, issue the bank attestation ( letter) to the Surety Publique (Immigration) stating that the client has sufficient funds to support himself/herself in Monaco. If the applicant has a job offer in Monaco then a copy of the employment contract is required.

Search for an apartment to rent (or buy) in Monaco. If the applicant is living on his/her own we would recommend a minimum of a one bedroom apartment to rent. If more than one person is applying for residency then we suggest two bedrooms or more. This has to be for a minimum of 12 months and the lease will be required to be shown during the residency application process. We can assist with a property search and produce a short list and arrange viewings with the estate agents, who will then handle the lease and the setting up of the telephone and electricity contracts. Three months’ rent is payable in advance plus three months’ rent in addition as a security deposit( refundable when lease is terminated).

The official Monaco residency application. This must be  done in person; we can assist to set up the required appointments, we prepare all the required official documentation for the client, provide translation where required and accompany the client to the official residency interview when set( we request this once the banking and property elements are complete) and track the residency application for the client.
Monaco Residency