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    A volcanically active island located in the Lesser Antilles, Dominica is known as the nature isle of the Caribbean, and is covered with lush dense rainforest and dotted with hot sulphur springs.

    The island’s economy is underpinned by agricultural activity but it is also becoming increasingly popular as a getaway tourism destination with a choice of active adventure and beachfront relaxation.

    Dominica’s citizenship-by-investment program has been running since 1993 and offers one of the most affordable options in the Caribbean with visa-free travel to more than 135 countries and tax-free benefits.

    To be eligible for citizenship, the government requires either a contribution to the Government Fund of US$100,000 (subject to number of dependents listed in the application) or a real estate investment valued at least US$200,0000.

    Citizenship benefits include:

    • Visa-free travel to more than 135 countries including the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and British Commonwealth nations
    • Zero residency requirements
    • Zero income, wealth, capital gains or inheritance taxes
    • Full residence status, with the right to live and work in Dominica
    • Dual citizenship is permitted
    • No requirement to reside in Dominica before or after citizenship is granted

    Donation Option

    Official Entity: Government Direct
    Donation Amount Investor Only: US$100k
    Invester + Spouse: US$175k
    Investor + Spouse + 2 Kids: US$200k

    Real Estate Option

    Investment Minimum: US$200k
    Real Estate Holding Period: 3 yrs
    Legal & Escrow: 1-2%*
    Government Processing Fees Investor: US$50k
    Spouse: US$25k
    Dependents: Age 17 < US$ 20,000 per | Age 18-25 or 65+ US$ 50,000 PER

    *Included in some developments. / Additional legal, escrow, bank and agent fees apply.
    **Additional processing fee US$ 3000 per application apply
    ** Additional fee US$ 750 per person for Certificate of Naturalisait