Turks and Caicos Company Formation Requirements

What are the company formation requirements in Turks and Caicos? You must have one director and one shareholder along with a name translated into English for the Certificate of Incorporation, and you can complete the process in just 48 hours. You should also provide an English version of the Articles of Incorporation.

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A shareholder, director or any corporate office can also be a corporate entity. One person may fulfil all roles within the company. You needn’t include your holdings within the Memorandum of Association and may issue more than one type of share and attach different rights to each class. The company may also operate with the need for a register of Mortgages and Charges.

turkey company formation requirements

The requirements for company formation in Turks and Caicos are: 

  • Articles of Incorporation signed by the subscriber
  • Annual renewal fee and maintenance of records
  • An annual statement proving regulatory compliance
  • Local registered office
  • Memorandum of Association signed by the subscriber
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