Singapore Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Singapore? This country is known as one of the most favourable countries for business and sits high up, if not at the very top, of many global rankings for international business. Besides allowing shareholders, including those investors who receive dividend payments from sources that are not the entity, to be exempt from paying Singaporean taxes, there are other perks. 

What are some of the other Singapore company formation benefits? 

Did you know that Singapore has been voted as having the world’s least burdensome tax regime? For someone looking to maximise their earnings and simplify their tax burden, that certainly makes a strong case for Singaporean company formation. Not only that; as a reputable business jurisdiction, you’ll have access to a robust business ecosystem to strengthen your growth.

singapore company formation benefits

Some of the other benefits of company formation in Singapore are:

  • A low corporate tax rate with a three-year moratorium on taxable profits 
  • Personal tax rates start at zero per cent and cap out at 20% for amounts more than S$320,000
  • Does not have any estate, death, or inheritance taxes
  • Full repatriation of profits and capital
  • Known for some of the world’s best intellectual property protections
  • No taxes on capital gains or dividends
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