Mauritius Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Mauritius? Mauritius Global Business Companies benefit from a corporate tax rate of only three per cent on global earnings, as well as other benefits through its tax treaty network. Global Business Companies are exempt from capital gains taxes, as well as there are no taxes on royalties, dividends and interest payments. The minimum share capital is only $US 1. 

What are some other Mauritius company formation benefits?

Mauritius has no foreign currency controls and lets you repatriate all of your capital. Its robust banking framework also grants you piece of mind when establishing a Mauritius GBC. There are industry-specific incentives that make Mauritius attractive. Mauritius GBC’s can provide insurance and financial services upon receiving a licence from the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.

Mauritius Benefits page

The benefits of company formation in Mauritius are:

  • Global Business Companies in Mauritius do not have to pay any capital gains tax, as well as no withholding tax on royalties, interest payments and divideds
  • Licence from the Mauritius Financial Services commission allows GBCs to offer insurance and financial services
  • Flat corporate tax rate of three per cent on worldwide earnings
  • Plethora of industry-specific initiatives 
  • Full repatriation of capital
  • No foreign currency controls
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