Liberia Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of Liberia company formation? You can form a corporation in Liberia in a little as 24 hours. The Liberian economy also uses the United States dollar as legal tender, ensuring that you have the backing of the world’s leading currency for your enterprise activities.

What are the other benefits of Liberia company formation?

As long as you don’t conduct any business inside Liberia or earn any income there, you are not liable for any tax payments. You can also purchase shelf companies for faster corporate registration if you prefer to not create an entity from scratch. 

liberia company formation benefits

Some of the other benefits of Liberia company formation are:

  • Tax-free business environment
  • You do not file your LLC agreement with the Registry
  • Names are not part of public records
  • No auditing
  • You can have a minimum authorised share capital of $1 USD per share
  • You can keep your books and accounting records in any location around the world 
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