Hong Kong Company Formation Benefits

What are the Hong Kong company formation benefits? First and foremost, its proximity to Mainland China allows you to establish economic ties with the world’s second-largest economy and a critical player in the global supply chain. A popular way to do so is through the Wholly Foreign-Owned Entity (WFOE) investment vehicle. 

What are other Hong Kong company formation benefits? 

Other benefits of company formation in Hong Kong include that it is also more cost-effective to transport goods into Hong Kong from abroad than it is to do so into China directly. Plus, entering Asia through Hong Kong grants you access to a Westernised legal system that understands English, allowing you to efficiently make changes to your corporate structure if necessary. 

hong-kong company formation benefits

Some of the other benefits of Hong Kong company formation are:

  • Fast-track registration
  • No foreign shareholder or director restrictions 
  • Low cost of incorporation and maintenance
  • No minimum share capital requirements
  • Only one director and shareholder required for company formation
  • Income and capital gains tax-free environment
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