Costa Rica Company Formation Requirements

What are the requirements for company formation in Costa Rica? If you choose to establish a Sociedad Anónima (SA) in Costa Rica, which is a public limited company with contributed capital from multiple partners divided into shares, you must disclose the corporate structure along with information regarding the share capital and other details.

What are the other stipulations? 

To meet the company formation requirements in Costa Rica, you should submit the proposed name and SA suffix (foreign names are permissible providing you supply a Spanish language translation) to the Public Registry. Costa Rica company formation requires three directors of any nationality along with shareholders. Once formed, one person may hold all the shares and businesses, with corporate ownership also permitted.




costa-rica company formation requirements

The full set of requirements for company formation in Costa Rica are: 

  • Articles of Incorporation notarized by a Costa Rican notary public 
  • Planned length of the corporation
  • Name, nationality, marital status and residence of all shareholders
  • Document notifying the Registry about the stock capital 
  • Payment of 25 percent of share capital
  • Costa Rican-based fiscal and resident agent
  • Directors listed as Secretary, Treasurer and President 
  • Minutes books for the directors and general assembly
  • Registry of shareholders
  • Three accounting books 
  • Registration with the tax authority
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