Costa Rica Company Formation Benefits

What are the benefits of company formation in Costa Rica? One of the standout features of Costa Rica, besides its low-tax business environment, is that it has a longstanding record of political stability, making it distinct from neighbouring Central American countries. Costa Rica allows you to purchase a shelf company if you want to save time with company formation. 

What are the other benefits of company formation in Costa Rica?

If you are looking to enter imports and exports, as the signatory of free trade agreements with countries such as Canada and the United States, you can access the benefits of these accords. Plus, the country is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) which has helped it diversify its economy beyond agriculture. 

costa-rica company formation benefits

Some of the other Costa Rica company formation benefits are:

  • Corporate and income tax-free business environment
  • Financial statement filings are not required 
  • High level of corporate confidentiality
  • Low business registration and maintenance fees
  • No corporate meeting requirement provided the business isn’t conducted in Costa Rica
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