Belize Company Formation FAQs

You can procure nominee services in Belize, and many of the registered agents you must hire to open your company can provide those services for you. 

Belize is offering Temporary Investor Visas that can put you on the path to citizenship in Belize, including if you choose to start a venture.

Foreigners in Belize can own 100% of their company. 

You are not subject to paying tax on all of an international business company (IBC) in Belize’s income, dividends and capital gains on debt obligations, royalties, interest, rent and compensation. Non resident-owned IBCs are also exempt from tax on capital gains on securities that include debt obligations and shares. 

Anyone can open a bank account in Belize and the minimum deposits are relatively low compared to other more premiere offshore jurisdictions. Some banks permit remote account opening. 

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