Bahamas Company Formation Benefits

What are the Bahamas company formation benefits? You’ll enjoy numerous tax benefits when setting up an entity there, that includes a 20-year exemption on capital gains, transaction tax, inheritance and income tax.

What are some other benefits of company formation in the Bahamas?

You can carry out non-taxable transactions outside Bahamian territory. You will also enjoy complete anonymity with none of your information being shared. You will also pay a low annual fee, ensuring that the maintenance of your entity is reasonable. Also, there is an exemption from exchange controls during the first 20 years of your company’s incorporation. 


Other benefits of Bahamas company formation are:


  • Fast track company formation
  • Full corporate ownership
  • Zero death, inheritance or capital gains taxes
  • Zero capital requirement for share issuance
  • No filing of annual returns or accounts required for company formation
  • All nationalities may form a company in the Bahamas
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